Pounamu Protein uses dairy protein from grass-fed, free-range cows in New Zealand. Their traditional farming practices create dairy products that have a lower carbon footprint than most other dairy producing countries in the world.

Dairy cows grazing on the side of a green hill with trees beside a clear pond in New Zealand.

Our main dairy protein supplier, Fonterra of New Zealand, is on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of their dairy ingredients. See what Fonterra has to say and the initiatives that they are working on here.

We are proud to announce that the majority of the Pounamu Protein powders are now certified carbon zero by Toitū net carbon zero product certification.

Toitū net carbon zero certification verifies that our product's greenhouse gas emissions have been measured in accordance with ISO 14067:2018 and we are committed to managing and reducing the emissions and will neutralise the remaining unavoidable emissions through carbon credits.

Scarlet macaw parrot on a branch near Purus River a tributary of the Amazon River in South America.
Sustainability projects we support:


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Our Packaging

Yes, we know, there's plastic. But why do we use plastic you may ask? Here are some of the alternatives we have looked at and the reasons we have not used them to date.