Our Story

How we started

Sitting around the dinner table one night….we (Vince, Caitlin and Kristen) got into a debate about protein....dairy vs plant protein actually, and the impact of each on the body and on the planet.

We were trying to understand how dairy protein had been kicked to the curb in favor of proteins with less nutrition and dubious health, wellness and environmental claims.

Not only that, but given Vince is a bit of a protein whizz, Caiti likes the odd workout and Kristen likes research, we wanted to better understand the benefits and the shortfalls of each.

What we learned shocked us a bit, from both sides. While plant proteins can (in some cases) be considered better for the planet, they're generally not nutritionally complete.

We wanted to find the balance between wholesome nutrition and the welfare of the planet, and we landed on the idea of Pounamu Protein.

We hope you enjoy it!

Meet our team

Vince Curtain headshot


Ex Rugby Player (NZ'er)

Caitlin Hill headshot

Wellness Coach

Fitness Enthusiast (American)

Kristen Kettle headshot

Operations &

Dog Walker
(NZ'er & American)

Naomi Walgren headshot

Design & Marketing

Nutritionist / Sailor (Canadian)

Molly Cosgrove headshot

Money & Finance

Marathon Runner (American)

Wix & Sausage our dogs

Canine Support

Barking & Eating (American & NZ'er)