TAHA Health & Nutrition
If you're looking for wholesome, great tasting, high protein products that support your active lifestyle, and you are interested in making responsible choices that help sustain the environment, you have come to the right place.
Heart drawn in vanilla protein powder
Balancing Function and Flavor

We work with global experts in dairy protein, renowned flavor houses, nutritionists and scientists to come up with formulas that perfectly balance nutrition, function and flavor.

Our products are bold but not overly sweet, and we focus on healthful, sophisticated flavors.

Dary cows grazing in a lush green field in New Zealand
Not All Protein is Created Equal

From a nutritional stand-point, you simply can't beat dairy protein. It is an absolute power-house and one of the only complete proteins available to us, packed with all essential Amino Acids - the building blocks of the body.

Our aim is to provide you with unrivalled nutrition, but not at the cost of the planet - that's why we chose to exclusively use New Zealand dairy protein from grass-fed, free-range cows in our products.