Hi, we're Pounamu Protein Said, "Poo-Naa-Moo"

Rectangular greenstone Pounamu necklace hanging on black twine from New Zealand
What's in a name?

Pou-na-mu. It's a Maori word for a pure and precious form of nephrite jade, or greenstone, that is found on the South Island of New Zealand. It is often used in jewelry making and is known for its legendary spiritual powers that promote strength, growth and prosperity. It is a pure and precious stone that is said to protect its owner from harm.

The koru (swirl) in the Pounamu Protein logo represents a native fern unfurling and symbolizes life, hope and new beginnings. It is a meaningful design and Pounamu can often be found carved into the koru shape and offered as gifts to loved ones and friends.

Our grass-fed active nutrition products come from cows grazing in some of the same lush valleys as these precious stones are found. It is the purest and highest quality grass-fed, free-range dairy protein that we have ever found. That's why we called it "Pounamu".

From pristine pastures comes exceptional dairy protein.