Protein Powder Fat Bombs

Fat bombs shaped like snowflakes and snowballs with a tub of pounamu protein chocolate whey isolate in the background with Christmas decorations

These fat bombs are a nutrient-dense snack, high in protein and fat, and can be a great addition to your diet if you aim to meet your daily macronutrient goals. With just three simple ingredients, they're easy to make and perfect for when you're in a hurry.   

Prep time: 5 minutes
Freeze time: 15 minutes
Total time: 20 minutes


        1. Mix peanut butter and melted coconut oil in a medium-sized bowl until well combined.
        2. Add the Pounamu Chocolate Whey Protein Powder and combine until the mixture is uniform.
        To make Protein balls
        1. Place the mixture into the freezer for approximately 5 minutes until it's cold and slightly hardened.
        2. Form the mixture into balls and arrange on a frozen baking sheet.
        3. Freeze solid for approximately 15 minutes.
        4. Store in the freezer in a sealed container until ready to eat.
        To make molded shapes, like snowflakes
        1. Pour the mixture directly into your chosen silicone mold.
        2. Freeze solid for approximately 15 minutes.
        3. Pop out of mold. 
        4. Store in the freezer in a sealed container until ready to eat.
        Fat bombs can be dusted in either cocoa powder or powdered sugar as an added treat!


          without cocoa powder or powdered sugar

          • Servings: 24 balls | Serving size: 1 ball
          • Calories: 120
          • Fat: 14.9 g | Saturated fat: 3.5 g
          • Cholesterol: 0.2 mg | Sodium: 80mg
          • Carbohydrates: 3.7 g  | Fiber: 0.8 g
          • Sugar: 1.7 g | Added Sugar 0.0 g
          • Protein: 4.6 g
          • Calcium: 0.9% |  Iron: 1.6%
          • Potassium: 90.9 mg | Vitamin D: 0%

            protein powder fat bombs made with pounamu protein powder and molded into the shape of snowflakes and snowballs, arranged next to a protein powder scoop and Christmas decorations