Protein Hot Chocolate Mix

Pounamu Protein Hot Chocolate Mix in holiday jars with holiday decorations and a tub of Pounamu Protein Powder displayed together

This hot chocolate is protein-packed and the perfect warm treat for the cold winter months! Make the mix for yourself or package for an easy to make Christmas gift. Made with protein powder, it’s perfect for anyone looking to meet protein goals while enjoying a sweet drink! 

Prep time: 5 minutes
Yield: 4 servings



        1. Sift together cocoa powder and Pounamu Protein Powder to ensure there are no lumps.
        2. Mix in sugar and whisk until thoroughly combined.
        3. If you are after a peppermint twist, add some crushed candy canes to your hot chocolate mix.
        4. Divide hot chocolate mix into containers of your choice. Use an airtight container to ensure the hot chocolate stays fresh for a longer period of time.
        To make hot chocolate: add ½ cup of hot chocolate mix to a mug, pour hot water or hot milk over the top and whisk until frothy. Enjoy!

            Protein powder hot chocolate mix in containers as a stocking stuffer with holiday decorations, crushed candy canes, and a scoop of protein powder