Our Dairy Ingredients.

Six hands holding six glasses of milk in the air with a turquoise background.

We source most of our dairy proteins from Fonterra, a large dairy co-operative based in New Zealand that is owned by its farmers. 

They have exceptional quality dairy products and, because of the traditional pasture farming methods they use, their dairy products have a lower carbon footprint than those made from other farming methods that are common globally.

Most New Zealand cows spend an average of 97% of their time outside on pasture, that's over 350 days per year, which is more than anywhere else in the world. Not only does that offer the cows freedom to roam, but they also create more nutritious milk than those that are fed grain. It's also better for the planet!

Fonterra utilizes third party companies to validate their on-farm, manufacturing and finished product quality standards, along with measuring the carbon footprint of their dairy products. That's important because it provides us here at Pounamu with a great deal of confidence that we are supplying you with the very best dairy protein that we can find.