Why Pounamu Protein is Your Every Day Protein Supplement

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Feel good about choosing Pounamu

Pounamu focuses on quality ingredients that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Here at Pounamu, we focus on bringing our customers a protein supplement that is designed to fit seamlessly into your day to day life and activities, creating good habits and a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it benefit your nutrition, but the ingredients are sourced responsibly with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and a lower carbon footprint.

We only choose ingredients that come from natural sources. That includes our flavors and sweeteners - we stay away from “ the latest fad” flavors that end up tasting awful. Having flavors that taste natural by themselves or added to any recipe is something Pounamu strives toward and is known for.

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Why Whey Protein is Beneficial

Whey is an extremely healthy addition to any diet, looking after your muscles, appetite, metabolism, and overall nutritional balance. Whey is a complete protein and provides your body with crucial nutritional elements that we only get through diet. It is the protein found in milk and comes from our grass-fed happy cows in New Zealand!

How to incorporate Pounamu into a healthy diet

Protein is a crucial part of a healthy diet, whether you eat or drink it. For active lifestyles, or simply if you are looking to add more of it into your diet, protein is essential to make sure your body can keep up with you! Pounamu Protein is made with natural ingredients that will benefit any lifestyle.

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We have favorite recipes that will be loved by any taste bud. From breakfast foods to desserts, you can add Pounamu Protein into your diet in almost any way!