How Lactoferrin, Probiotics and Vitamins C & D Help Immunity Alongside Protein

Woman sitting in her studio apartment in black exercise clothing, drinking an orange color immunity protein shake.How Lactoferrin, Probiotics and Vitamins C & D Help Immunity Alongside Protein

Our Pounamu Protein Immune Defense products use our premium grass-fed, free-range whey protein with the added benefits of Lactoferrin, Probiotics and Vitamins C and D. We carefully combine these into one tasty powder to keep you and your immune system up to speed.


We know that protein is used to repair, build and help maintain muscles and muscle growth. But, did you know it is also great for your immune system? Having grass-fed free-range protein can help boost your immune system by ensuring you are getting enough amino acids. Our protein has all of the essential amino acids your body needs to stay healthy!

Your body doesn’t make essential amino acids on its own, which is why getting enough protein is so important. Amino acids are responsible for repairing tissues as well as regulating your immune system. They help activate the reproduction of antibodies, regulate the redox state ( balancing oxidants and antioxidants in the body) and activate your body's natural killer cells, which protect against viruses and pathogens.


Lactoferrin is a protein that is naturally found in milk and is known to be one of the most powerful proteins with incredible benefits. It has been shown to fight iron deficiency, promote a healthy gut and help regulate the immune system. It has proven to be both antibacterial and antiviral.

It is found in milk that is produced right after a baby is born, which is why it is full of natural benefits. It is commonly used to fight infections and is added to supplements for all ages. In addition, it can fight aging and improve overall skin condition as well as oral hygiene. As we age, our bodies produce less lactoferrin which is why adding it into your daily routine will ensure you supplement what the body is already making.


Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that help keep your body healthy. Incorporating supplements with probiotics into your daily life is important for balancing your gut health, mood, and physical - even emotional health! When your body makes too much bad bacteria, it can leave you feeling sick and out of balance. Probiotics kick in and help your immune system fight off the bad stuff. They get you back to your normal self and feeling good again.

As you are probably aware, probiotics are most commonly known for being good for your gut. Focusing on a healthy gut can lead to many positive changes - from healthier skin to a better mood, it can influence so much of your daily life. Probiotics are a key ingredient in our Immune Defense products to ensure that you are getting all of the good stuff that will leave you feeling full, powerful and healthy.

Fresh citrus, honey, cranberries and other fruits.

Vitamins C & D

Vitamins C and D are key to keeping your immune system running at full pace! They keep your bones, tissues and heart strong.

The sunshine vitamin - Vitamin D! There is a reason you may feel bluer during the wintertime and that is thanks to Vitamin D or lack thereof. We simply don’t get as much of it in the wintertime as we do in the sunshine that is spring and summer. Vitamin D gives our bodies the ability to absorb calcium and phosphorus that keeps bones and teeth strong. It also regulates insulin levels, supports the immune and nervous system as well as aids our muscles and lung function. It is known that without enough Vitamin D there is an increased risk of heart disease and depression. Because it’s likely you may not be consuming enough Vitamin D on a daily basis, we recommend using supplements to make sure you’re getting enough. That is why we have made sure to add it to our protein powders.

Vitamin C is equally as important for you. You may be familiar with Vitamin C through anti-aging serums. It helps your body make collagen, which is a protein that builds skin, tissues and ligaments. It is also an antioxidant that can protect you from free radicals that can lead to cancers or heart disease. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron and can lower the risk of anemia.

It helps keep your mind clear and aids in brain function by helping your cells use important chemicals like dopamine, making it crucial for cognitive performance! Because your body doesn’t make Vitamin C, it is important to find foods and supplements that include Vitamin C.

Stay happy, stay healthy - drink Pounamu Protein! Adding one scoop of our Immune Defense into a glass of water will give you a kick start to your day and your immune system!


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