Hi, I'm Caiti!

Pounamu Protein was born from a desire to provide consumers in the US with the purest protein on the planet. A great tasting protein product with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or fillers and a product that contains REAL grass fed protein from cows that roam free on New Zealand's pristine pastures for 365 days per year. Not 150, 200 or 300 days like other “grass fed” brands claim in the fine print. 365 days. 

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I have a serious passion for wellness. I am a genuine fitness enthusiast. Being active is my respite from day-to-day life, as a wife, mother, teacher and coach.

In order to keep high kicking through my daily work-out sessions (and through the rest of my day in general), I have to fuel my body with the cleanest, purest protein that money can buy. But when I first started shopping around, I found that mysteriously hard to achieve! 


I researched and researched and settled on "Grass Fed" product. However on further digging, what I found out about all these so called “grass fed” brands mortified me. Because there is no grass fed standard in the US, heaps of brands claim their product is grass fed! But anyone who knows anything about farming, knows that most US cows are fed corn and grain in confined feed-lots, or in in barns!

This inspired me to create Pounamu Protein. Our protein is sourced from New Zealand, which is the only country on the planet that consistently allows their cows to roam free-range on pastures for 365 days of the year.

The milk used to make our product is picked up daily and taken to the factory, which is only a few miles away from the farms. The factory (and all of the dairy factories in New Zealand in fact) are world class. Built to make the very best dairy products possible.

There are no barns on the farms where our product comes from. The animals don't need them because New Zealand has such a temperate climate. Grain and corn are not part of a cows diet because they're ruminants. They are built to eat grass, and because they eat grass they don't often get sick. If they're not sick they don't need antibiotics which is good news given rising antibiotic resistance issues that could plague us in the future. 

Our farmer suppliers know that creating the most nutritious product depends on the quality of their lush pastures, the health of their animals and ensuring sustainable environmental practices to keep the whole ecosystem humming. That means keeping it real. No GMO's, no growth hormones and strict standards for animal, human and environmental welfare.

So here's to happy, healthy eating. We hope you love our product.

Born FROM a disparity between fact and fiction! 


What makes us unique?

Pounamu Protein offers Non GMO, high protein, dairy based food products that are made from free range cows grazing on fresh pasture for 365 days of the year. Not 150 days or 250 days, or 300 days like other brands state. 365 days.


There should be no confusion about what "grass fed, free range" product is because it is very simple.


It is product produced from free range cows that graze on pasture and eat grass for 365 days of the year. Period. And there is only one place on the planet that can produce such a product and that is New Zealand, where Pounamu Protein comes from.


Don’t let other brands trick you into thinking their product is completely grass fed or free range, because it simply isn't true.

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